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Dress #1 PEACHY

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I have been a part of many traveling dress projects and have always wanted to do one of my own. All of the projects that I was a part of had several different costs involved. I wanted to do something that was essentially free. I love vintage clothing and have several adult vintage dresses and children’s vintage dresses and am often adding to my collection. Once I Photograph the dresses, they sit and hang, waiting to be loved. This project is not just about clothing, I will add random items like burlap bags and random vintage items. I am awe inspired by how several different photographers can capture the exact same item differently.

I love our community at The Unraveled Academy, so I am keeping this in our circle.

There are not very many rules.

Some of my dresses are rare finds and very delicate, but they are old and will eventually waste away as they travel and I am on with that. I would rather share them and let them enjoy their life instead of sit in a closet. With that being said, please be careful with them so they can make their full round in the group. However, if something happens to the dress then so be it, don’t sweat it, I have more. I’m not attached to them. I am not going to charge you for it. I want this to be fun and not stressful.

If the dress gets dirty during your session then it gets dirty. Everyone needs to wash the dress prior to shipping to the next person. This dress, Peachy can be machine washed, BUT PLEASE AIR DRY. You might get the dress from someone and it may come to you with a stain that does not come out or maybe a tear. It’s ok, the beauty of this is how do we work with what we get. I do want you all to do your best to be able to ship it without stains and tears, but things happen and like I said before, this should not be stressful, this should be fun.

The only cost to participating in this project, is the cost to ship to the next person in line. I will have the addresses and will only share them with the person shipping to you. Once it’s your turn with the dress I will verify you received it and then I will send you the address to ship to when you are done. I have added approximately 5 days between each reservation, meaning that after your seven days, there are 5 days until the next persons seven days starts. My suggestion: it’s always best to have your photo Session/sessions with the dress early, that way you can ship it early to the next person. If you get the dress early, you still have till the end of your reservation if you wish.

Please send me the tracking numbers once you ship the dress to the next person.