“In the end, photography for me is just an excuse to get to know the world.” – Graciela Iturbide

I remember my senior picture day.  I remember the fear and joy and excitement of having my pictures taken to mark the biggest milestone of my life at the time.  I remember the studio as if I was standing there right now.  I often look back at my senior pictures, in a big box full of pictures I hide at my parent’s home, and always feel like something is missing.  My senior pictures are full of posed moments that show nothing of who I truly was at that time.  I was a wild and free spirit.  Senior year is monumental and is gone before you know it.  During their senior portrait session, my goal is to capture the true essence of who they are and the joy and excitement of what the future holds.  When I am photographing seniors, I spend my time getting to know who they are, their accomplishments, their goals and hopes for their future and I aim to document the feelings that go along with it all through the stories I tell deep inside the pixels of the images I capture.

Denver Senior Photography