“The children you have created are works of art.  This I will show you.”


I am Danielle Thurman Trina.  I specialize in creating beautiful and emotive children’s fine art photography.  My desire is to discover and tell the story of the greatness of your child.  I have always had the internal desire to create.  My artistic journey, however, felt rather eclectic until I gave birth to my daughter.

Watching her grow has inspired me to tell children’s stories in a unique and artistic way.  I am not your average photographer.  And, I hope that is why you found me.  I love the magic of children.  They are able to create a force field around themselves and sparkle in everything they do.  

I whole-heartedly believe that children are just closer to nature than adults.  As we grow, I think we lose some of the magic that I see in children.  Do you ever notice that children sometimes just dance even when no music is playing?  They have a divine connection to the pulse of the universe that cannot be found as we grow into adulthood.  Children’s stories and their divine connection to the universe become vital parts of our memory as they grow.  

Children’s fine art photography is not about the practical.  It is 100 percent about the magical, the little things for which there are no explanations. It is about this precious and rare gem, your child.  And, it is about those few short years you get to hold your children’s hands and watch them be their greatest.  Children’s fine are photography captures these moments.  These magical moments are being captured as I watch my daughter grow.  I want to capture these moments for you also.  

Danielle Thurman Trina is an internationally awarded and recognized children’s fine art photographer in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Her work has been featured in numerous publications to include:  Kids Flash Magazine, Rame Magazine and SD Voyager Magazine.  Danielle is a well-respected artist in the photography community serving as an instructor and expert artist for Unraveled Academy.  She also earned her place as a ‘master’ artist for ClickPro in 2020.  

Danielle Thurman Trina enjoys a wonderful, love filled life in Colorado Springs, Colorado raising and capturing the magic of her only daughter.  She is often sought out  to capture this magic of other children using her exceptional children fine art photography talents.


“We needed a top-tier, ingenious photographer to truly capture the beauty & essence of both our bridal and prom dresses. Working with Danielle is not only a creative and stress-free process, but it is also so much fun!”



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